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renovations reimagined

A Reimagined High-End Home Renovation Experience

We'll Expertly Plan, Guide and Manage Your Renovation From Start to Completion
We’ve reimagined general contracting and the renovation experience to put busy homeowners at ease from start to completion. Ensure your project is executed efficiently and precisely with our seamless and guided process that has resulted in over 1700 successful renovations and counting. We take pleasure in dotting every “i” and crossing every “t” so you can rest easy as you watch your space transform.
Our team is made up of experienced guides you can trust to execute your renovation with precision and care. We work with vetted vendors that provide quality workmanship, and every project is managed by a friendly team-member who cares about you and your family. We'll advocate for your vision and your wellbeing every step of the way.
For the duration of your project you’ll have an expert guide, who will narrow your focus to just one point of contact from start to finish. Your project manager will be there to set expectations, navigate uncharted waters, provide solutions, manage timelines, coordinate vendors, materials and permits, and ensure your vision turns out as expected.
Renovate With Confidence and Ease

You Don't Need to Put Your Life On Hold to Manage Your Renovation

Planning every detail, managing materials, hiring vendors, securing permits, and overseeing construction all while staying on time and on budget, can be quickly escalate to a full time job. That’s why we plan, guide and manage renovations for busy homeowners like you, so you can keep living your life while we handle every detail from start to completion. You’re welcome!

You’re Home Renovation Shouldn’t Be Unnecessarily Stressful

Avoid the stress and overwhelm of making sure your renovation is completed properly and efficiently without the necessary experience or know-how. We’ll let you know what to expect at every turn, provide solutions when challenges arise, and we’ll be a source of support and advocacy for the duration of your project. We’ve got your back, so you can rest easy while your space transforms.

renovations reimagined

We Know How Stressful Taking on a Home Renovation Project Can Be

Simply Home is Women Owned With Women in Mind

Our CEO, Ashley Wainscott, was in your shoes back in 2013 when she took on the task of executing a renovation for her mom’s home in Austin, Texas. Between finding trustworthy vendors, selecting and tracking all the materials, scheduling and overseeing the work and staying on budget, it quickly escalated to a full-time job! After completing the project, and experiencing the stress first hand, Ashley was determined to reimagine the renovation process and provide a high-end experience that puts busy homeowners at ease.

Since then, Ashley and our team of experts here at Simply Home have planned, guided and managed over 1700 renovations. We’re committed to allowing homeowners to live their lives, while we deliver high quality outcomes, set honest expectations, and prioritize wellness along the way. We’re changing the game in a male-dominated industry, with an experience created by women with the entire family in mind.


Our Proven 5-Step Process

1. Prepare

Meet your renovation dream team! We’re here to expertly guide and facilitate your home transformation from start to completion. In this phase we ensure we’re the right team for your project, answer your questions, and give you all the information needed to move forward together. We’ll review your design, complete an onsite walkthrough, write up an estimate, and get all the wheels in motion for next steps.

2. Plan

Congrats! We’re in your corner and committed to making your home renovation dreams come true, while keeping the process as painless as possible. From step one to the final walkthrough, we’ll craft a detailed plan of execution for your renovation that will leave no stone unturned. We’ll go over your budget, timeline, permit planning, material selections, and anything else critical to your home or family.

3. Execute

Every one of our homeowners is paired with a project manager who will be their guide and go-to reno-expert throughout the duration of your project. Answers, assistance, and solutions are just a text or phone call away. We understand that your life is busy, so to make tracking your project easier, you’ll have access to an online portal where you’ll find details about scheduling, daily progress, and other important information.

4. Polish

Your home transformation is nearly complete! Though we strive for excellence at every step, there may be some small details that need attention to bring the project to completion. You’ll have a chance to create a punch list of items for us to handle before we bring the project to a close.

5. Celebrate!

Time to pop the champagne! Your renovation is complete, and it’s time to enjoy your transformed space. We’ll see you for the next project!

“During a very stressful time, hiring Simply Home to help prep my condo to go on the market was one of the best decisions I made. The concierge company handled everything — coordinating with painters, window cleaners and even a handyman to tackle multiple projects. In the end, my place never looked better and — most importantly — it sold in less than 3 days!”

Rachel G.

“As the listing agent for this home I was aware that my clients were overwhelmed with the amount of work that they would have to do to get their home on the market. When I heard about Simply Home and we met with Ashley our prayers were answered. Ashley gave us a proposal, time line and met all of our expectations and then some. The house was ready for market when she said it would be and we accepted an offer in 10 days”

Brenda R.

“Ashley and her team at Simply Home have been a tremendous help and asset for my clients and I. She quickly responds to my requests for quotes and her vendors are always expeditious in getting the work completed. She helps simplify and streamline my process when working with both buyers and sellers."

Leslie Gossett

We Have General Contracting Down to an Art

Experience Our Proven Process by Applying it to Any of the Following Services and More
We're happy to plan, guide and manage home renovations both large and small. Our team can help with anything from minor updates to full home renovations. Our handyman services are great for smaller projects, while our renovation team can tackle larger scale projects like additions, complete kitchen and bathroom remodels, and anything in between. If you’re unsure if your project falls within the scope of our services, reach out to us and we’ll see if we can help or will guide you in the right direction.

We Have General Contracting Down to an Art

You’re a Busy Homeowner Who Needs To Be Able To Continue Living Your Life While Elevating Your Spaces
Schedule a free consultation today, so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling excited and confident about your renovation. We look forward to getting to know you and your project!
Planning and managing all the details of your home renovation can be overwhelming. We've reimagined the home renovation experience, because we believe homeowners like you should be able to renovate with confidence and ease. Our team of experts is here to advocate, listen, problem solve, and respond, while taking you through our proven process, so you can feel confident and supported from start to completion.

We also understand how stressful it can be to figure out who to trust with your home and resources. We believe in elevating the industry standard by operating with transparency and integrity every step of the way! Every homeowner deserves to have a trustworthy expert in their corner helping them bring their vision to life, which is why we deliver exceptional outcomes AND prioritize the wellbeing of our homeowners and their families.
Here’s How it Works:
  • First, we'll prep for your renovation, and ensure our team is a perfect match for your project. We'll gather information, answer questions, and get everything ready to craft a detailed plan that will bring your vision to life.
  • We'll then go over your budget, timeline, permit planning, material selections and other critical details necessary to conduct a successful renovation.
  • Once the plan is complete and approved, we'll pair you with a project manager who will be your go-to guide and expert for the duration of your project. They'll be there to manage, oversee, and support you and your family for the duration of your project. You'll also have an online portal where you can track the progress of your project.
  • When construction is completed, we'll address anything that needs attention, and leave you with a polished final product.
  • Then it's time to pop the champagne, celebrate, and enjoy your new space!
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