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Take an In-Depth Look at Some of Our Completed Home Renovation Projects

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See our process in action from start to finish by taking a look at some of our completed projects. Each tab below will reveal a different project case study below!
Back Porch Transformation | 2022/2023
To start the planning process, we met with a designer to workout materials and design choices, and consulted with a structural engineer to see if we wanted to tie this renovation into the existing home (i.e. extending the roof, like in this project). We also kept an eye out on material costs, (because we understand how expensive lumber can be!), and decided to add a ceiling fan to beat the Texas heat. We also added power and screens to keep the pesky mosquitos and other bugs out!
The client wanted this to feel like an extension of the house. By extending the roof line, matching the colors of the existing house, adding electrical, and custom barn doors, we were able to make this space seem like another room of the house. This approach made it seem like we added square footage to the home!

The design was revised to add slats on the right side of the structure because the city required the area to remain open without a roof. They wanted the amount of sunshine and rain to stay consistent with how it was before the project.

The sliding barn-style doors were custom-built, and were selected to save space on the deck and keep bugs out.
Design Plans
Before / Progress
This was built when lumber prices were at their highest, communicating what the market was like, and keeping an eye out for when prices went down was crucial.

Tree permits and closing out permits from the previous homeowners added about a year to the planning/permitting process (before we could even break ground).
“This was the best remodel experience I’ve ever had. They rebuilt my deck and turned it into a space that I’m finally excited to use. Communication was frequent and professional. They are above board on EVERYTHING, timely, responsible, ethical, accountable, high quality and more. Everything you want from a contractor but never thought you could have. I look forward to working with them again on future projects!”
Garage Conversion to Office & Laundry Room | 2022/2023
Maximizing the space
This homeowner decided to transform their garage space into a functional office space and laundry room after working from home became more commonplace.

It was important to create a cohesive flow between the new space and the existing main living area. To do this, we executed a concrete fill to make the garage floor level with the rest of the house, then extended the existing bamboo flooring into the new space. The concrete fill required us to extend rebar across the space for stability and about 4 inches of concrete. We also updated the AC so the office will stay temperature controlled and comfortable throughout the year. The homeowner opted to access the new space through a pocket door.

One of the most exciting additions to the space was the gorgeous hand-operated, metal and glass garage door. If the weather is nice, the homeowner can open the garage door into the space and use the remote-operated screen door for an inside/outside space. The screen door is located on the outside of the garage and camouflaged to look like part of the siding. The use of both the windowed garage door and screen allow this space to feel open and connected to the outdoors.
The homeowner for this project happens to be a designer and was able to make the plans herself! Working with a blank canvas (empty garage) made the process incredibly seamless. Once the concrete was poured and the walls were up, we partnered with the homeowner every step of the way to confirm that everything from the tile layout to the cabinet installation were aligned with her vision.
Design Plans
An obstacle we stumbled upon during this project was the discovery of plumbing vent pipes in the walls of the garage. After reviewing options and associated costs, we made an informed decision with the homeowner to avoid removing the pipes and re-routing the plumbing. To do that, we decided to fur out the wall in this space to protect the pipe. This allowed us to keep the plan as it was, but to modify spacing by the washer and dryer to accommodate the vent pipe.

Did you know that most walls in your house are probably not plumb, straight, or level? We discovered this during our backsplash installation in the laundry room. The beautiful concrete tiles were installed to create a squiggle pattern across the back wall. During the installation we discovered the window sill centered on the wall was not perfectly flat. In order to install the tile correctly, we floated out the window sill with tile thinset/putty so that the top of the backsplash line was flat. We always want to bring the design plan and vision to life! There is always a solution when it comes to tile pattern installation.
“We worked with Simply Home on renovating our one car garage into a new office/laundry room and couldn't be happier with their service and the result!

We were excited to work with their team from the very first touchpoint. Ashley, the founder, spent a ton of time answering my questions and put together what was by far the most detailed estimate we received from any other contractor. This was not the cheapest quote we received, but we felt confident that the pricing would remain close to what was outlined, and the quality of work would be high so it felt fair.

Once we started working with the team day to day, the whole process was organized and seamless. We loved working with Maura and Ashley to order materials and get permits done, and our project manager Maryann ran a tight ship with getting all of the little details and subcontractors organized throughout the project.

Finally, the new space turned out just like we hoped. We were very happy with Simply Home throughout the process and would recommend them to anyone looking for a low-stress, high quality contractor.”